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We about us

The company first class pyro-events was established in 2004.

The founder and owner Stefan Falkenau is the creativ leader of the team, but for his work won?t be possible without his serveral workers, most of them volunteers. Together we are responsible for our purpose:

We want to create an unforgettable event by our special firework.

To reach this target we dispose an enormous amount of equipment:

- approx. 2.000 mortars caliber size 2 inch - 12 inch

- digital firing system with approx. 100 modules and about 1600 single firepoints.

All the non explosive equipment is in store in the environment of gronau (leine)

For the safe keeping of the several display firework products we have hired a bunker to make sure that we have the biggest possible effect range always available.

Since founding the company we have advanced ourselfs continuously, so that our first participation on the very popular international firework competition "Ciutat de Tarragona" in Tarragona (Spain) took place in july 2008. The result was the third place in the jury assessment and the first place in the public spectators voting (approx. 60.000 spectators).

Also in 2009 we were part of well-known international firework competitions. These were competitions in the cities Burgos and Bilbao both in Spain.

Especially the competition in Bilbao is one of the most highly esteemed international firework competitions and we are proud to that we were involved in it. At the application we have enforced against some of the best companies in the world.

During the following years we participated on competitions in Pamplona (2010), San Sebastian (2012) and Bilbao (2015).

To respect the privacy of our customers we kept the references list short.

- Schlosshotel M?nchhausen in Aerzen bei Hameln
- Hotel Louis C. Jacob in Hamburg - Blankenese
( )
Hotel S?llbergterrassen in Hamburg – Blankenese
- miscellaneous event agencies
- VIP privat customers
- miscellaneous company events

You can find further information in our portfolio available for download in our download section.

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